Evolution of Loungewear

Those sweatpants or jogging suits that we bought periodically for something to lounge in or wear on cleaning day around the house has now become part of the “new normal.” For almost 2 years now what we consider our new normal has grown over time. The pandemic has changed the thought of clothing for some individuals. For one, people are buying less suits & dresses and focusing on loungewear/sleepwear; Something to make their stay at home feel comfortable. Sitting for hours at home, staring at the computer screen, is much more manageable when feeling relaxed.

The pandemic has had a domino affect on the fashion industry. Online orders have affected 300 million people and led to a sharp decline in public transportation, due to those orders. People are not risking themselves to shop in stores when they have the luxury of clicking one button without moving from their couch. 81% of US consumers believe that the pandemic will lead to recession and express worry about their finances. This results in people spending less. One of the areas they are already spending less in is fashion. Many are ditching the dress pants and ties for a simple tee and sweatpants, thus increasing the sales of loungewear

In 2020, the fashion industry dropped by a third, losing $640 billion in sales. When individuals found out they would be confined in their homes, the sales of loungewear rose. Stocking up on the softest sweatpants has increased the loungewear sales by 80%, and google searches for the “garment” hit a 14-yeah high. Many are now reopening their stores, but fashion may not return to what it once was. The behaviors and shifts in the mindset that individuals have adopted due to being confined at home may lead to permanent changes. The drop in trends and sales will allow companies to adopt a new form of clothing.


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